Reaching SDG Targets will not be Possible without Using ICT to Facilitate & Strengthening a Strong and Sustainable Agricultural Sector.

As majority of Thai and ASEAN Community still under the farm sectors, our lives and our farms system must be ecologically under the frame of SDGs.

Placing New Theory of King Rama 9th of Thailand : the Sufficiency Farming System under the Self-Sufficiency Economy Philosophy gearing to sustainable agriculture, sufficiency life, smart life as a smart farmers as our primacy.

Holistic approach with farmer & all stakeholders as well as partners -centred approaches are at the core of the development aspirations along its way of using ICT to create the farm knowledge-based hub for all. Ecological development with its participatory transparency will be facilitated by using ICT to harnessed all kinds of “ divided”.  Farmer will be one among the dignity careers of the new generation to make sustainable farm development a reality.

The SDGs along with ASEAN Community 2015 will work together under a broad diversity of farming systems: from livestock to crop; horticulture to agro-forestry; modern to traditional; co-operatives to businesses; smallholders to large. All kinds of smart Farm entrepreneurs will be trained and promoted supported by ICT.  “Food Safety” is the ultimate goal under its way…. “Fresh & Safety Farm Products to Table with Great Quality of Life of Farmers…”

ALL partners with each own Social Capital will be participatory used and integrated– governments, farmers, scientists, civil society and private sector –to make it possible and sustain.

Farm shops both online & offline, Farm tour, Farm Start Ups, Farm Innovation & Technology with its most important is…Farm Local Wisdom from each area from all over the country and ASEAN Community will be tangible promoted.